Lost Hours — ISTD Student Assessment 2019
Part of the 2019 ISTD Student Assessment, the brief was to explore the theme ‘lost.’ For this publication the lost hours people experience when claiming to have been abducted by UFOs and extraterrestrials was chosen as the subject matter. It showcases six of the most highly documented abduction cases ranging from 1961 to 2007, with the publication being drastically split into the more formal and official feeling US Government paper size – with justified left body copy and halftone images – a nod to the classified documents of the FBI and CIA. And the other, a far more expressive and colourful section. This is to represent the abductees, with many choosing to jot down feelings and memories on journals and notebooks, hence the US Half Letter stock chosen for these pages. There are several subtle hints to time throughout the document, from the folios to the typeface change that relates to how many minutes the individual was missing for – 180 minutes missing therefore 180 characters are changed within the body copy. Lost Hours is also accompanied by an in-depth specification book that explains the decisions made and the typography used.
This project was awarded a Pass from the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD).
Digital | Riso print on G.F Smith Colorplan, Crane’s Crest and Pererina Majestic